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Protect them from inside
There is no better feeling than holding your newborn child for the first time in your arms. At that moment there is nothing more precious to you in this world than your child. Inside, you make a promise to give ‘em all the best and protect them from harm…but can we actually overdo it?
Honestly I think I did. With my first son, I was obsessed with sanitizers and antibacterial sprays. Our room will always have that lemon fresh smell which we are accustomed to as the ‘clean’ smell. My hands were ‘overwhelmed’ of the amount of times I applied antibacterial sanitizers on it. I was insane, overjoyed and overly motivated to ‘protect’ my most precious possession.
But then short 1 day of a month old, my son was hospitalized with an acute bronchitis. I may sound a bit theatrical here but seeing your month old child hooked up with wires and laying restlessly in a hospital bed makes my world crumble. Where did I go wrong?
That was the 1st of many visits to pediatrician clinics and hospitals. Given the frequent illness, some doctors suggest that it might be allergic bronchitis instead. He was 4 and attending ‘playschool’ when a doctor extremely suggests that we should stop sending him to school and remove every single carpet at home. What?!!!
Then my wife gave birth to my second child, Hayfa Medina “Our princess”. She was keen on breastfeeding this time (we failed with our son). So she was introduced to Shaklee products. As obsessed as I was before I started doing research on Shaklee which made me came to this clip:
I could relate to what was happening to their child with my son. More time spent on research and I was convinced that I need a different “approach of protecting” my children. This time around…. Protect them from inside.  
It’s been a lengthy post, so I’ll just stop here then. I’ll write about my keen admiration of breasts breastfeeding in the next post! 

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